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Wire...Everybody Loves a History- Eden, Kevin - SAF Publishing, Great Britain1991

Get in The Van: On the road with Black Flag - Rollins, Henry - 2.13.61 Los Angele,s 1994

Touching from a Distance  Curtis, Deborah. Traduzione italiana: Cosė vicino, cosė lontano. La storia di Ian Curtis e dei Joy Division

Giunti, 1996 (edizione a cura di Alberto Campo)

Talking Heads: The Band and their Music - Gans, David -  Avon, 1985

Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie - Harry, Debbie with Chris Stein -  Dell,  1982

Artifact - Hell, Richard -  Hanuman, 1991

Bad Seed: The Biography of Nick Cave- Johnston, Ian - Little Brown & Co. 1995

The Birthday Party & Other Epic Adventures - Brokenmouth, Robert - Omnibus, 1996

The One and Only: the authorised biography of Peter Perrett and the Only Ones - Antonia, Nina 

One Chord Wonders: Power and Meaning in Punk Rock  Laing, Dave - Open University Press, Philadelphia   1985

Last Gang in Town: The Story and the Myth of the Clash Gray, Marcus - 4th Estate, London 1990